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jacob's interventions by dieseljimmy

hope this is not a repeat theory

I think jacobs plans to implant a new candidate have slowly deteriorated from his original righteous position. He is running out of candidates and over the period of a long time he is manipulating situations more and more. Likely as a result of seeing the candidate pool drain and doing what is needed to "beat" the MIB. I believe the end of the show will be come down to a few remaining candidates. At this point jacob will have a moment of clarity and realize he is manipulating the situation as much as the MIB. He will like many of the other characters in the show have a moment of redemption. His moment of redemption will be to go back in time and undo all his interventions. The reversal of the interventions will explain what is going on in the flashsideways. The flashsideways are what would have happened without jacobs interventions to the characters or the characters web of related/intertwined support cast.

if jacob had not asked sayid for directions nayida would not have been hit by the car and the flashsideways is how it worked out.

if jacob had not given sawyer a new pen he would not have finished the letter and maybe the tangible letter that young sawyer created would not have been there to "drive" sawyer to be the criminal he is. Instead the desire for retribution is focused on being a police officer.

if jacob had not told locke everything was going to be ok. Maybe he would be content with his life with helen. Instead of shunning it for a life that was ok for him which involved a walkabout, life of adventure, etc...

jacks flashsideways is so confusing,I believe his father was also manipulated by jacob creating a chain reaction that resulted in a distaste for his father and his life. Without this intervention a different timeline for jack is drawn up entirely. Hence the piano playing teenager, happy photos of jack and his dad, etc...

I have been thinking about kate and can't come up with something. Her life is the same as I see it. Maybe another episode will explain??

This theory is kind of rattling around in my brain and do not feel like I even have a full grasp on the thing. Help me expand this please.

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