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The special one... by Jam Man

OK, all of this talk about "who is Wallace" and "Who is coming to the island" got me to thinking. It seems that there are a lot of people out there who think that Desmond is the answer to one or both of those questions, and though i didn't think about this idea as being very valid, it is of course possible. So I got to thinking about what we know about Desmond and the things that have been said to him and about him throughout the seasons. And I gotta tell you, based on what I've reviewed about Desmond, I'm starting to believe more and more in these possibilities. Let's review shall we?

1. in 0501, Desmond is told by Faraday when he bangs on the back door to the hatch that he, Desmond is "special" and that the rules don't apply to him, that he's "uniquely and miraculously special." Faraday relized this after reading one of his notes in his book. This says to me that Des is somebody more than just another character in the story.

2. Widmore has always "hated" Desmond and he's always wanted him to stay from Penny. in 0503, He tells Des when he inquires about where to find Faraday's mother that Desmond is getting caught up in a dangerous thing (regarding the island) and should stay away and "get out of this mess don't put Penny's life in danger, you're getting yourself involved in something that goes back many many years, it has nothing to do with you or my daughter. Whereever you are hiding, go back there."
Widmore seems like a bad guy in this black/white struggle and it seems that he knows Desmond could hinder his "side". He might know that Jacob will eventually want/need Des to go back to the island, and instead he wants Desmond to go into hiding and never come out.

3. Also in 0503, Penny tells desmond that he'd better promise her that he'll "never go back to that island again." Desmond says "pshh, why in god's name would I ever want to go back there?" This sounds like foreshadowing to me. Maybe Desmond doesn't want to go back but he will have to and break his promise.

I'm going back to look at more Desmond scenes but these are just a few that seemed intriguing after wondering if he will play a vital role in the outcome of the story.

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