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The alternate reality and current reality are both on the same timeline. The big twist is that the alt reality is occurring after the events we are seeing on the island. Yes, another surprise flash forward.

We learned from season five that either MIB and/or Jacob caused our losties to time travel. We also learned that smokey has the ability to time travel himself as seen when he (as fake Christian Shephard) met real Locke at the Frozen Donkey Wheel in the far distant past. We know the time frame because those on the surface, concurrent with Locke turning the wheel, saw the Tarewet statue in all its glory.
Now Smokey, as Fake Locke (Flocke) is making promises to all his potential disciples. We are seeing these promises come true, in some form, in the alternate reality or maybe we should call it the “new reality”. Flock will use his control over time and the fact that Jacob is dead, to destroy the island. The surprise is that he will make this occur at the same time the losties attempted to detonate the bomb back in the 70’s. As a result, he was able to change history, as we know it, by creating a new reality where our characters “grow up” having never been touched and manipulated by Jacob.

In addition, each of our characters “position” in the new reality is dependent on whether they made a deal with Flocke or not. For example, Hurley is the luckiest man on earth, but Sayid has done too many horrible things to be worthy of Nadia. Jack is getting the Father/son relationship he always wanted yet a bruised Jin is imprisoned in a storage locker by Keamy.
We will find that they all get what they are looking for and deserve based on their association with Flocke and or Jacob.

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