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This is an idea I've kicked around since the early seasons but I wouldn't be surprised if it was bunk. If you like lost you'll like it though.

Did anyone else find it strange that Ben, Sun, Lapidus, and Ilana carried dead Locke's body all the way from the statue to the Losties beachside graveyard? The episode made the journey seem like a dayhike but then why hadn't any 815ers discovered the giant foot before. And, since the graves are located down the beach (towards Eko's unfinished church, Sun's garden I think) and the burial crew came from further down the beach, why didn't Sayid run into the foot on his walk of solitude, s1.

My thoughts on this were exemplified when Hurley and Jack reached the lighthouse. Jack: why have we never seen this before? Hurley: maybe we weren't looking for it (or something). This leads me to believe that the island, when one's hiking towards a destination, manifests the destination just beyond eyesight. This has happened the whole time! John stumbling upon the hatch, reaching Yemi's plane just as Boone was about to quit; Jack finding the caves; the French team the Temple; Richard returning to the Black Rock. Nothing is anywhere and everything is everywhere. But, you say, the barracks, Dharma stations, and a bunch of other sites were continuously inhabited and almost everyone knew in which direction certain places where, so it seems that they remained in place on the island. One big factor of Lost is trekking through the jungle. Some of the most potent scenes have been with one or a couple of characters in times of desperation and disorientation, lost in the jungle.
What if the island helped people find their way by literally materializing it in front of their path. According to Hawking the island is always moving (in time?). Perhaps all the time spent NOT near any man-made landmark is spent during ALL times. Let me explain, You come out of the woods and stumble upon the door of the Swan station. It was built in the 70's so you are at it anytime after that. It makes sense, right? It wouldn't be there if it was 1890. A few feet back, before the hatch came into view, you were existing in all times. This is why the flashing losties of s5 needed to find something man-made, to grab onto a timeline that is as near as can be to the one they left. Any why some others while crossing the same patch of jungle can project their voice, although it seeps through as a whisper, through the cracks of time.

When Ben first met Richard he looked as he does in the last few episodes; like he's running from MIB. I think its safe to say most of us want this to be the Richard fresh off the Black Rock, maybe right before MIB's imprisonment (or after a minor escape?). A group of people (Dharma) are gathered together, agreeing that it is ~1972. Off in the jungle the Black Rock crew crash believing its around 1800. In the jungle, between the sites, exist all times. The island looks the same throughout history, it's only who you talk to or what structure you come across that tells you what year it is. There's probably a lot more to this i.e. Jacob's cabin/MIB's cell, and why the all Egyptian ruins are inhabited with a strict simplistic and archaic lifestyle.

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