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I think Dogen decided to give Sayid one last chance.

I've been working on a theory that kinda expands on the idea that Jacob and MIB are playing a game. This game is the testing of humanity and their innate goodness towards others.

So we have people like Dogen, Mr. Friendly, Ben who lost his innocence, Richard etc. playing the part of the Enemy. In other words, testing "love your enemy" in a way. In my last theory I posited that this island holds immense power that Jacob and MIB are trying to discover whether man has the right to hold or not. Basically the question is, Does man have the right to be God.

because that's what the power does, and did to Jacob and MIB, made them godlike beings. As I said in my other thread, we find out they don't, and the island ends up needing to continue to be protected from humanity, and not having people drawn to it anymore. This is why in the ATL it's underwater. Inaccessible.

I do think that over time the ATL will begin to remember the memories of having been on the island, and the things they learned there, but it will be like deja vu, or a dream.

Lastly, this whole testing thing comes to Dogen testing Sayid's goodness one last time. Sayid had no right to stab MIB, he did it based on hearsay, and desperation to redeem himself. As one of my favorite webcomics once posited, that which redeems consumes, and for one moment, Sayid really reveals his darkest side, which is not killing, but fear. This is the scale tipping as Vozzek and Robz and Erika have said. This is Sayid starting to fall to the dark side. MIB didn't claim him, the Island revived him, his will to live, to not die, to not let go, revived him. He used the power, even if subconsciously, and this was evil. Therefore they did not trust him. And tested him.

MIB was his last test, would he stab, or would he listen. Then when MIB gave his schpiel, would he refute with what is the right thing to do, that of obviously not letting him kill all the Others, and being willing to stop him if he tried to do so.

And he failed the test.

Now before I go, I want to point at a hole in my theory and give an explanation. Ben's scale is obviously tipped as well. He has killed in cold blood many times. But he is still an Other, and not infected. Or not seen as so. Well, my theory is that Ben is Jacob's Judas that he allowed to be among his disciples all the while knowing he would betray him. Of course now that he has he seems less inclined to run off and kill himself. Could be interesting to see what comes of that.

Well, that's it for now.

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