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Eloise Hawking was instrumental in getting all the Losties back to the island. She knew that in order for the Oceanic 6 to return, they would have to replicate the original flight as closely as possible. She reminded Jack that Locke's body would also have to return with everyone else, setting up the MIB's loophole and eventual return.

My theory is that Eloise Hawking's life, her knowledge of future events, and her actions in moving Desmond along his path, were all motivated by her own pact with either Jacob or the man in Black: in return for her services, she would get to see her son, Daniel Faraday alive again.

After all, we have already seen Jacob and MIB make such promises to Sayid and Dogen. I wouldn't be surprised if Hawking is not as omniscient as we think she is -- her actions are guided by either Jacob or the MIB.

Of course, this "pact" does not tell us whether Eloise is good or evil. Is she being directed by Jacob? Or the MIB? It seemed only Jacob communicated with the candidates off-island, but then, Eloise's actions helped further the MIB's plan. Perhaps she was acting in good faith and following "Jacob's" orders, but tricked by the fake Jacob in the Cabin (a.k.a. MIB).

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