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MIB is not the evil of the Island by BrandonG

I believe that the MIB is not the evil of the Island. He has said that he was once a man and just wants to be free again. I believe that he and Jacob are there to do the same job. Keep the evil contained.

They are similar but different. Enter the theme of free will. Jacob believes in free will and that man is worthy of faith (this is why he keeps bringing people to the island as an example for the MIB) and Jacob also states that this is the great thing about the island, that your past doesn't matter. The MIB/smokey is the exact opposite. The smoke monster has been seen as judging people based upon some criteria, and it is their past actions in life that determine the outcome (I believe the MIB does not have control over the criteria, they are inherent laws of his position/what possesses him).

They are two different mechanisms for the protection of the island that are supposed to balance each other out. Hence the scale and black and white stones. An inside joke. Also from the Richard episode it seems that it was the first time that MIB has tried to kill Jacob and that it is do to the MIB feeling like a prisoner himself.

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