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Rules for being killed by jazze981

1) Ben to Widmore. "You broke the rules"
- referring to the killing of Alex
Alex was not supposed to be killed. It should not have been allowed according to the rules. Ben is truly surprised and shocked when Alex is killed and he truly appeared to believe that she could not be killed, hence his bluff to Keamy. It is likely that Ben knew Alex was a candidate and therefore should not be able to be killed. But was the breaking of the rules by Widmore the killing of Alex (some kind of loophole to kill candidates) or was it a lie to the Others that Alex was a candidate when in fact she never was (and was quite killable)?

2) Young boy on the island (probably young Jacob) to Flocke. "You can't kill him"
- referring likely to Flocke considering killing Sawyer
Sawyer cannot be killed because he is a candidate. He certainly would not be able to kill himself and the guy has been shot and beaten a ton of times. He is just not killable. Ben is also unkillable (shot with arrows, beaten to a pulp numerous times,gets cancer but miracuously a spinal surgeon appears) so he is also a candidate. These guys were clearly real candidates and could not be killed. Jack and Hurley are too. Even though MIB (disguised as Chirstian or Dave) tried to get them to fall off a cliff early on, it didnt work. And Micheal was a candidate too, at least for awhile.

Candidates cant be killed. So, Boone, Shannon, Ecko, pilot, etc were never candidates.

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