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[b]Wrapping up LOST – S6E5 – “The Lighthouse”[/b]


For some reason this episode reminded me of the fact that we only have about 12 more episodes of LOST. It was one of the best of the season, but with things starting to be resolved I can’t help but see the light/dark at the end of the tunnel.

[b]Trivia Fact: [/b]This episode was the 108th hour of LOST. Coincidence you say? Not with LOST. DARLTON and TPTB surely made good use of this fact. Just so we’re all on the same page, we all know that when you add 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 it equals 108? It was also the number of minutes on the countdown timer in the Swan where Radzinsky, Kelvim, and Desmond pushed the button for years. And now it’s the number on the wheel of chutzpah that Jacob wants Hurley to spin and land on. Ok, on to the episode.

[b]Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the most scarred of all?[/b]
This was one of many Alice and Wonderland references in the episode. Once again we see that when someone in the ATL see’s themselves in a mirror the main timeline starts to BLEED over, as I mentioned with Jack’s nick on the plane in the season 6 premiere. Jack asks his Mom when he had his appendix out, and his mom says when he was 7. And that is because the season 6 theme still stands, “Everything is, or will be the same.” Just because Jack had his appendix taken out by Juliet on the beach as an adult, doesn’t mean that in the ATL it happened the same. Remember in the LOOP of LOST things happen to our players/candidates in the GAME over and over until the end, which as Jacob said, only comes once. Something else of note here is when Jack answers the phone and first sits down the camera goes all old school Batman crooked style. Not sure if that’s meant to tell us that Jack is a bad guy, or that something is just OFF about everything for Jack

[b]It’s a boy[/b]
Jack dashes out the door to go pick up his SON. Wait what? This is something that never even crossed my mind, that Jack could be a dad. But in the ATL Jack seems to be a different guy, and especially when it comes to not being a total jerk. Jack’s son David walks past Jack and right to the car. Then we hear the new flash sideways sound of the jet engine to see Jack staring at his REFLECTION in the temple pond. As he’s pondering things and the ATL is bleeding into the main timeline Jack is softening up because his ATL self is CHOOSING to share his feeling with his son, and since Hurley is the most child like character on the show it’s pretty obvious that Jacob would pick Hurley to be the one to replicate the ATL events to help him become the WHOLE Jack that he will become because of the combined good and experiences of both. Oh and did we all catch that the rain stopped the moment Dogen walked up to Jack? Rain, water seem to always symbolize something big happening ! or someone internally changing.

[b]It only ends once, anything up until then is just progress[/b]
Hurley and Miles are playing a friendly game of tic-tac-toe in the Temple courtyard. Hurley is wearing Red, and Miles is wearing black. Then come some familiar words in a candy shell. “A tie again?” “Shocker” Just like the prior iterations of the GAME being played by the powers on the island, it’s tied every time; but this time we’re going to see (or already are seeing the effects of in the side flashes) that the game will come out with a winner this time around the loop that is LOST. The short conversation between Miles and Hurley sounds very similar to the conversation that MIB and Jacob had on the beach in the Season 5 finale. “I could go for something to eat”, “I already ate”. This is a foreshadowing of how I think the show may end. As I shared with some of you last week, I think the show will end with a new Jacob and FLOCKE having the same conversation on the beach with a boat coming in, or a new plan crashing. LOST has been about Jack vs. Lock! e the whole way through, so why would that change at the end. Just a thought, but hey I nailed the meaning of the numbers a year ago, so why not take a stab at it. Sorry Jacob no pun intended.
Hurley goes inside to grab a temple Scooby snack in the kitchen, only to find some dude dangling a string in the murky spring water. That dude is Jacob showing up Obi Wan ghost style once again. Jacob says he needs Hurley’s help again, because someone is coming to the island. We’ll talk about those possibilities later. But first of all Hurley needs to get a pen to write stuff down. By the way Hugo, your handwriting is terrible.

[b]I would be a terrible Father[/b]
Jack says this to Hugo while traipsing through the green rock jungle; and to a point he’s totally right. Until Jacob steps in that is. Jack and David get home, and David grabs a soda and some Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies and heads straight for his room. Jack says he installed cable in there so that David can watch the Red Sox if he wants. The weird thing about this is that the picture on the wall above the TV sure as heck wasn’t Fenway, maybe Dodger Stadium? David is reading “Alice in Wonderland”, Jack says he used to read that to David when he was a little kid. Wait didn’t he do that for Aaron? Hmmm…I wonder which memory is the real one. Or maybe it’s both? Jack asks what David is listening to, and David says, “You haven’t heard of them.” The only band I remember Jack saying he didn’t know of was ‘Drive Shaft’. YOU ALL EVERYBODY! Especially from the poster in David’s room later on in the episode for the band ‘Meat Coat’, I’m pret! ty sure it was ‘Drive Shaft’, based on this info from www.fakebands.com
“Meat Coat - From the TV show Lost (11/03/04). A series of flashbacks in "The Moth" episode shows bassist Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) in Australia trying to convince his brother Liam (Neil Hopkins) to reunite their band driveshaft. Charlie has a deal for the band to open for this band on tour- but the deal's a no go if Liam is a no-show. Liam has a young daughter, a nice house, and is happy to have kicked drugs and gotten away from show biz. A bitter Charlie storms out, strung out, only to board the doomed plane that strands the cast of castaways on their mysterious island.”

[b]You gotta take your vitamins[/b]
Jack says the pill Dogen gave him was poison. I’m not so sure it’s the poison we’re thinking of. I’m guessing it was a poison to the darkness growing inside Sayid, but not one that would have killed him. But to someone not INFECTED it may be very ill-advised to take it.

[b]Wow that’s a lot of blood[/b]
Jin’s wound was the nastiest thing next to Locke’s fibula sticking out after dropping into Timmy O’Toole’s well. They really went for it on Jin’s leg in this episode, not sure why they had to get so graphic with the wounds but they couldn’t stop showing it. So yeah, Claire is scary as hell now. Scarier than the Sclaire that found lost little Aaron in the grocery store. Claire has only been in the wild for 3 years and she is WAY MORE crazy than Rousseau ever was, and that’s saying something.

[b]Be cool man, act natural[/b]
Hurley is following Jacob’s instructions and is combing the halls of the temple looking for a symbol when Dogen asks him what he’s doing? To which Hurley replies “I’m just looking because I’m a big fan of temples, history, and Indiana Jones stuff.” Dogen tells Hurley to get back to the temple, and then Jacob Kenobi shows up and says, “Tell him you’re a candidate and you can do what you want. Then Hurley pulls a Jedi mind trick and tells Dogen to go back to the temple. Jabba would scoff at such tricks, but I digress. Dogen says something in Japanese and Jacob says “you don’t want to know what he said”. But if you really want to know here it is, Dogen says, “You’re lucky you’re protected, if you weren’t I would cut your head off”. Something tells me Dogen is more than just a baseball fan.
Hurley goes to find Jack and says, “I’m going to wait 10 seconds and then follow me.” Jack refuses, so Hurley drops this gem on him “you have what it takes”. Jack goes into rage mode, and all the anger towards his dad is now aimed at Jacob.

Jin wakes up in Claire’s ‘dynamite’ new baby nursery, fully equipped with dog skull fake Aaron that looks like the Egyptian god Anubis to me. Then comes the most ironic and foreshadowing lines of the episode, Claire says, “one thing that’ll kill you around here is infection” Oh Sclaire if you only knew that you just foretold your own death (I’m guessing).
The next scene where Jack crosses paths with Kate was just plain weird. Their chipper attitudes towards each other, the dialog, Kate saying, “I hope you find what you’re looking for” What the heck? That’s not the annoying ‘Winnie Cooper’ Kate that we’re used to. What happened to Kate always saying, “No Jack I’m coming with”? Go watch that scene again and tell me it wasn’t just plain odd. It was almost like Jack and Kate knew what was going on and had to put on an act for Hurley. I can’t put my finger on it, but something was off.

[b]At Jack’s parents house there are a few things of note[/b]
Can't a guy get a different drink around here? What the heck? MacCutchen is the only thing people drink. Who knows maybe the whole friggin show is about how MacCutchen is cursed and everyone who drinks it ends up on the island. Jack says, “Why would he make it easy on us now?” Which may tell that Christian wasn’t the greatest dad in the ATL either? Something that is different is that Jack’s mom is the drinker now in the ATL. This scene really made me wonder what Christian was doing in Australia, and how he died in the ATL.

[b]You’re still me friend aren’t you Jin? Good I’m glad.[/b]
No seriously Claire is scaring me more than Linus ever did. That whole situation reminded me of MISERY. Claire says her Father and her friend told her the Others took Aaron. So that pretty much puts Christian Shepard as MIB since day one of the crash. Which lends the idea that MIB can only appear as people who were NOT buried on the island; Christian, Yemi, etc.

[b]Finally the mystery is solved[/b]
Shannon’s inhaler simply fell down on the ground. If you were at Comicon this year for the LOST panel like I was, then you know that this is a bit of an inside joke. Jack and Hurley go inside their formal dwelling place in the caves and find the skeletons of Adam and Eve again. If you watch this scene again it really looks like one of those skulls has a huge gash in it, like some time of blunt force trauma occurred, or maybe a close range gunshot wound. Hurley’s lines about traveling back to the dinosaurs, dying, and those skeletons being theirs is a huge red herring in my opinion. I think it will still end up being Rose and Bernard.


[b]Daddy Issues[/b]
This is the core of every problem our characters have on LOST. Now in the ATL it seems that it’s about fixing past, future father son relationships. Something of note is Jack’s ex wife’s address is 233, and 23 is Jack’s number. So I wonder if in the ATL the numbers have the opposite effect. Like 23 is where Jack doesn’t belong in the ATL. Another ‘easter egg’ here is the key is hidden under a rabbit. So many Alice in Wonderland references here, it really makes me want to go and watch the movie again. Preferably the live action one. We’re all wondering it, “who is Jack’s wife in this ATL?” Sarah? Probably. But I’m hoping for Juliet.

[b]Very old school[/b]
Hurley and Jack are trekking through the jungle, good times. Hurley asks Jack, “Why did you come back?” to which Jack says, “I was broken, and stupid enough to think this place could fix me.” We’ll see some more brokenness in a bit. The Hurley and Jack duo come out from some brush to look up and see a giant stone tower. Jack says, “Why haven’t we seen this before?” Well that’s simple, because you weren’t looking for it, and because you didn’t NEED it yet. Just like how Anthony Cooper magically shows up on the island at the time that Sawyer (not Locke) needs to tie up that loose end of his past.

[b]MY SON!!![/b]
This time it’s not Michael yelling it, oh gosh I hated that whole time of LOST where Michael just yelled “WAAALT” and “MY SON!” all the time. Now it’s Claire looking for her son. To which Jin says, “Kate took him!” WHAT? Hey Kate here comes the bus, get under it. Justin the Other asks to be untied, and Claire goes 'Nurse Hatchet' on him.

[b]How old is Dogen?[/b]
When Jack gets to the concert hall where David is auditioning there is a sign as he walks inside that reads, “Welcome all candidates”. Dogen confused me here, how old is he? If the ATL worked he shouldn’t exist in this time, should he? Or maybe he’s just visiting to give guidance. Dogen says to Jack, “THEY ARE TOO YOUNG to have this kind of pressure aren’t they?” “How long has he been playing?” It’s pretty clear that Dogen is talking about Jack here; with all the pressure that Jack is currently under in the main timeline. How long has Jack been a piece in the GAME of the island is the real question here? I can’t wait to get those answers. Because just like we heard the Rousseau’s radio transmission repeating over and over, the same has been happening with our LOST’ies over and over again, until we reach that final end.

[b]This Old House 108 Angry Street[/b]
Jack and Hurley go up to the top of the light house and find the wheel of lives. With 4 mirrors attached to it. Why 4? Ok here it goes. Because I think there are 4 possible timelines. Jacob watches them all to see which one he wants to pull the candidate from. If you look at Jack’s reflection in the different mirrors and his house in the different mirrors there seem to be differences in each. Jacks facial hair, missing plants from outside Jack’s house.

Hurley tells Jack they need to move the wheel to 108. As the wheel is spinning we see the numbers again. Here are some of them and the names on them…Linus 117 crossed out, 109 Friendly crossed out, and Rousseau 20 crossed out. As Hurley is pulling the chain Jack starts seeing buildings; Jin/Sun’s Temple where they were married and Jacob visited them, Sawyer’s church where Jacob gave him the pen. Then finally Jack’s old house. When Jack sees this he loses it and smashes the 4 mirrors. Why was he watching me? What does he want from me? Symbolism of smashing the 4 mirrors, broken mirrors, broken old self, putting past behind. I think this was Jacob’s intention here; he needed to motivate Jack to smash the mirrors so that Flocke couldn’t show it to James and use it against Jacob to recruit Sawyer.

What’s interesting about the numbers on the wheel is that Kate ISN’T crossed out, and ISN’T one of the main numbers. She was listed as #51. Hmmmm, this means she’s a secret weapon in my opinion. Someone off MIB’s radar so to speak. Even though I can’t stand Kate, I realize that before the show is over she will be redeemed somehow, most likely at the end; she may sacrifice herself for the greater good of everyone else, just like Michael did.

[b]So who is 108 tied to?[/b]
The wheel says ‘WALLACE’. Hmmm, I’ve searched all the characters on Lostapedia, and no Wallace has ever been a character. But thinking about who Jacob may be having come to the island. My gut tells me it’s DESMOND. Where is Desmond from? Scotland. Who’s the most famous Scotsman out there besides MacCutchen himself? Why William Wallace of course. Maybe in the new timeline Desmond’s last name is Wallace? Or maybe Wallace was the name of the person who was SUPPOSED to replace Kelvim in the hatch before Desmond washed ashore and took over that spot. The other guess I have is Charles Widmore, since he loved giving Locke the name Bentham, why not. Or it could be a totally new person we haven’t met yet, but there isn’t a whole lot of time to be introducing and telling the back story of all new characters. We shall see. But if you do a google image search for "Scotland, Wallace" I think it's telling the first image that comes up.

[b]ATL = Daddy Win[/b]
Think about it. Anthony Cooper is going to Locke’s wedding. Jack seems to care about his dad. Now Jack is fixing his relationship with his son via the bleed over of the two timelines. “I didn’t want you to see me fail”, “ in my eyes you can never fail”, “ I just want to be a part of your life”. Again it’s a very strong possibility that the ALT is the good timeline, and even what happens after the show ends.

[b]You have ink on your forehead[/b]
It’s pretty clear that Jacob has a sense of humor, and he’s not really worried about all the details working out a certain way. Because he knows the end already, so why worry? Jacob tells us that Jack is here because he has to do something; and that sometimes you can tell someone what they’re supposed to do because sometimes you have to let them stare at the ocean till they figure it out. Again WATER is when an inward change/realization happens with a character in the game.

[b]Someone bad is coming, we can’t warn them, I’m sorry but it’s too late.[/b]
Jacob tells Hurley that something very bad is about to go down at the temple. It looks like a collision course is set for Claire, Flocke, and maybe Sawyer to go attack the temple. With Sayid as a possible Trojan horse for MIB, things could get ugly when MIB decides to use his dark pawns in the game of LOST to make his checkmate move.

[b]So what are all these people candidates for?[/b]
a. To take over Jacob Wonka’s island chocolate factory?
b. To live in a statue and keep Smokey on a leash?
c. To become Jacob’s adopted Son?

As of right now I don’t know, but what I do know is next week’s episode is called, “Sundown”, and that I’m savoring every LOST morsel this final season. Thanks for reading; I would love to hear your personal ideas/thoughts/theories.

Until next week, NAMASTE.

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