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Lost and Carnivale Similarities by Bonnie

After the last couple of episodes, I'm starting to think that Lost may end up having a similar plot to the show Carnivale. On Carnivale, there were 2 human-like beings in every generation called Avatars, one represented light and one represented dark. Ben, the creature of light, had the power to heal people which reminds me of the healing spring in the temple and the healing power of the island. Brother Justin, the creature of dark, had the power to manipulate people into doing what he wanted them to do which is alot like what the Man in Black (MIB) is doing to Sawyer, Claire, etc.

In order to become Prophets, whom are the eldest generational Avatars, Ben and Bro. Justin had to kill each other's fathers because they were the current Prophets. However,there were rules on how they had to kill them in order to get their full power. This reminds me of how Jacob and the MIB are looking for candidates to take their place, but there are rules on how someone can become a candidate, like they have to do it of there own free will.

I think the "Adam and Eve" skeletons in the cave were the creature of light and creature of dark before Jacob and the Man In Black took their place. I think Jacob and MIB were drawn to the island like our losties were and now that they have assumed the positions of creature of light and creature of darkness, they are trapped there until they can find someone else to take their places. This is why the MIB said he used to be a man just like Sawyer.

The prologue to the show Carnivale was the following: "Before the Beginning, after the great celestial war that rocked the very foundation of Heaven and Hell, God and Satan established an uneasy truce. Never again would they face each other in direct confrontation. So God created the Earth, inhabiting it with the crafty ape he called Man. And henceforth, to each generation was born a creature of Light and a creature of Darkness, and they would gather to them men of like nature and thus, by proxy, carry on the war between Good and Evil."

I think something similar to this is happening on Lost.

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