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A few thoughts by LOST=LOVE

Namaste to all, I’m a loooong time lurker and a first time poster so go easy on me. Let me start off by saying I love reading all of your theories. I think one of the best things about LOST is the amazing fan base and the great theories that are always being tossed around. It’s always fun to think about all the possibilities even if they aren’t that realistic.

At first I thought the point of the flash sideways was to show that there is a greater force or “Deus ex machina” that is controlling everything and ultimately trumps free will. Right off the bat in LA X there were some scenes that really made me believe this was the purpose of the flash sideways. I thought Charlie will always die (choke on his drugs) Rose and Bernard always have their great relationship, Kate is always a fugitive, Locke is always in the wheelchair lying about his walkabout (and maybe will always get out of the wheel chair via surgery from Jack) and my favorite, the Marshall always gets his ass kicked by Kate. But of course things couldn’t be that simple and some things had to be different. Hurley’s lucky now, Shannon isn’t on the plane, Desmond is (at least in Jack’s mind) on the plane. So this probably is not right. But now I think I have figured out the purpose of the flash sideways/LA_X/ALT time line or whatever you want to call it. On islan! d = Jacobs way/ what happens when Jacob gets his way (Nudging people in the right direction so that they end up on the island). Flash sideways/Alt/ off island = MIBs way, Jacob never touches anyone or brings anyone to the island. Now I don’t know if these two time lines will merge or if our Losties will be forced to pick between the two. But I do know this will show who was right during the argument on the beach in “The Incident”. If the characters find redemption on the island, Jacob wins/was right. If the characters find redemption off the island in Alt, MIB wins/was right.

I don’t think Jacob is good or bad. I also don’t think MIB/Smokey is good or bad. Although Black and white, good vs. evil are huge themes on LOST, I don’t think they tell the story between Jacob and MIB. These themes are probably meant to represent the mental battles taking place in our Losties minds or maybe amongst each other, but not Jacob vs. MIB. As another poster wrote, “the battle between Jacob and MIB is one of grey vs. grey”. I agree 100% with this. I think they both have very strong feelings and beliefs about free will vs. destiny and they are willing to do quite a bit to prove to their counterpart they were right. That said, I think it’s safe to assume MIB is sick of the game and just wants to get the hell off the island and free himself, and maybe everyone else, from Jacob’s bind.
No, I don’t have some incredible theory about how LOST will end simply because no one (other than Darlton… maybe lol) knows. But I do know this, LOST has more themes, motifs, symbols, twists and turns, and methods of storytelling than any piece of work I have ever seen, read or heard of, and Damon and Carlton are geniuses. So to think you have figured out what the final scene will be, or how everything will end is rather silly. I don’t think there will be one scientific answer to everything (like the matrix theory) or one supernatural/destiny answer to everything. These guys are too good of writers to have one simple explanation for everything like Jacob is God or Dharma created a matrix like scenario on the island.

This is a question I have been asking my fellow LOST watchers, and to my dismay, most of them have answered no. For me the question is easy, in the words of James Ford, “Hell yeah”. I think this is the difference between casual LOST watchers and the obsessed, elite fans like me that went to Comic-Con, listen to multiple pod-casts (Jay and Jack rule!), avoid all spoilers, and tried to attend sunset on the beach. As sad as it sounds, LOST has provided me with some of the best times of my life so I will be okay if I don’t get an answer to every single mystery because it has been one hell of a ride thus far and nothing the producers do or don’t do will be able to ruin LOST for me. So next time one of your stupid friends says LOST is a stupid show that is made up as it goes, slap him, slap him hard. Lol only kidding.

Please let me know what you guys think.

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