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This theroy stems from the past two episodes dealing with the names and the numbers we have discoverd. Like a majority of the lost community I thought that the name sheperd was referring to Jack. However after the lighthouse i am very confident that the "sheperd" is not jack but his father christian. If you recall when Jack turned the dial to Sawyers name it went to the church where Sawyer was sitting out of as a kid when Jacob met him. Also when jack turned the wheel to Sun or Jin's name (not for sure which one yet) it went to the place where they got married and once again the place where they met Jacob. However....when Jack turned the dial to his name it showed the house where he grew up and not the hospital where he met Jacob. I think that house is where Jacob met Christian. So technically Jacob was never spying on Jack. I also remember that Mr. Friendly said that Jack was never on the list. (Cant remember t! he episdoe.)

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