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there's no such thing as coincidence by jaq

ok, i know this is going to sound crazy, but you know there aren't coincidences here. so just go with me for a second.

libby is jack's ex wife in the ALT world.

1. libby's ex husbands name was david too. names are important, would they over look that?

2. we know almost nothing about libby, except that she's a psychologist (or just crazy in hurley's psych ward). i'm proposing that perhaps she was actually psychologist and went crazy when her husband died. but in the ALT world, she was a psychologist and when her husband died she found jack. so she didn't go crazy, she had a son who they named after her recently dead husband, david (jacks a nice guy, you know he'd be ok with that). and then they got divorced.

there are not flash sideways of characters who are not alive and on the island. so to tell the story of the characters who are dead on the island, they have to be involved with the living characters in the ALT world. so this would make sense as a way to bring libby back.

anyway, i understand this might sound crazy, but i don't feel like there would be two davids without a reason.

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