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My theory is: the secret person coming to the island (that Jacob spoke of in Lighthouse) is Charles Widmore. We all know that position 108 on the lighthouse dial said "Wallace", but it was also marked off. This can be for a few reasons (in bullet point format):

- Wallace is dead, as Locke was was marked off after her died. However, it is very possible the numbers can be "reassigned", in order to bring more people to the island

- Wallace is a pseudonym for Widmore (created by Jacob, or the producers) for more of a surprise impact when they arrive -- sort of like the whole Jeremy Bentham thing in the season 4 finale. After all, Widmore is the one who decided to rename Locke in the first place. (Also, look up William Wallace on wikipedia for some interesting but not necessarily concrete parallels to Widmore)

- Jacob used a fake name and crossed it out to fool MIB, for a back up plan.

- Number 108 isn't important at all and the whole lighthouse shindig was just to get Jack to see the magic mirrors. Wallace is just to throw us off completely...

Widmore is aware that a "War is coming". We've seen MIB and Jacob both recruiting teams, probably for this prophetic battle. Widmore was the rightful leader of The Others, and Ben betrayed him to get him banished, claiming he "broke the rules". We've been conditioned to think that Widmore is evil, but just because that's what Ben's made us think. Ben is pretty damn evil and we now know the only reason he wanted to keep Widmore away was for Ben to keep the island to himself. Widmore hasn't been able to find the island because the island hasn't needed him...until now. Now that the war is potentially days away, Jacob is bringing back Widmore, because he knows Widmore loves the island and will protect it. Widmore has been looking for the island for so long now, and this time, he'll find it!

A lot of people are speculating that Desmond is on his way back, but I agree with what other people counteracting, saying that this is too painfully obvious to happen like it did before, with Desmond sailing back up. As LOST continues to germinate it's same cyclical themes, i am also theorizing that since the Oceanic 815 peeps had to "recreate" the circumstances of their original crash to get back, the same applies for Desmond -- meaning he would have to be there long before 815 or 316 crashes. The last time we saw Desmond was OFF the island in 2007. We know he's been moving around by sailboat, and course correction may have easily guided him into a window that sent him and Penny and son Charlie back to the island. As we all know, time on the island works way, way different, and if original circumstances aren't recreated perfectly, the outcome could be "unpredictable". Since our 815ers landed back in 1977, it's very possible that Desmond jumped through the window and ! appeared in island time 2005 - early 2007 (before any of the 815ers converted back to standard time, and thus possibly going undetected). Knowing the island, Desmond could have sought shelter in another hatch, or built himself a thatch roof cottage somewhere in the woods. Short story long, i think when we do see Desmond again (since the island's "not done with him yet"), he will already have been on the island somehow, to our pleasant surprise!

i do not read spoilers and if there are any connections made here it is purely coincidence. please dont respond with any spoiler confirmations / denials. i'm theorizing for fun! hope to hear some feedback from the community!


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