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Dogen knows Jack in the Alt by JT

So this is not really a theory per say, but just something I think was important that a lot of people didn't notice. (at least I haven't seen it mentioned here)

There are two things I am going to bring up here. First, In "The Lighthouse", we see Dogen interact with Jack in this "alt timeline". If you go back and re watch that interaction, it is so painfully obvious that Dogen knows exactly who Jack is. The conversation isn't a normal "hey your son was pretty good congratulations" it was cryptic and unusual and completely in the style of Dogen.

Second, They focused an awful lot on Dogens Son when he asked Jack if that was his son. When he says "He's really good" and walks away, maybe it was just me, but the way he looked at Jack just seemed fishy. And Jack seemed like he knew it was fishy.

This brings me to a theory that the alt is set up in a way. Yes, it is very real, but at the same time its controlled. I'm not too sure if this has been brought up before, and this is my first theory and not very developed,just something i picked up on.

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