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The Numbers + The Game by John "the smoke" Locke

Just a quick theory regarding the numbers on the lighthouse dial that have been crossed out.

Okay starting off, i think its clear that Jacob has been playing this out for a long time, he has taken an exceptional amount of time and effort to create this list of "candidates". I dont believe for one second that he has simply chosen 360 people out of nothing and hoped for the best, that one of these people will turn out to be next in line to take over Jacobs job of "island protector". He knows fine well what he is doing and has been creating this game for a very long time and what we are seeing now is how this game plays out and whether or not it will be successful.

A lot of people have been speculating that the names are getting crossed out whenever someone dies or becomes irrelevant. However i think that every person assigned to a number has a purpose, a goal to achieve, and once that purpose is achieved their name then becomes crossed out. Everyone on the wheel is relevant to Jacobs final goal. This is perhaps what Jacob meant when he was speaking about "progress" to the MiB in last seasons finale.
I think that the cave does indeed belong to MiB, he has made a carbon copy of these numbers and is playing his own game with them, in the same sort of fashion as Jacob, and both have come ended up with the same last 5 people.
Both Jacob and the MiB are playing the same game, like backgammon. The final 5 candidates left, Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Sawyer and Kwon ( I think Jin), are the ones who are going to determine who wins the game. It appears that Sawyer has already joined MiB whilst Jack and Hurley appear to be on Jacobs team, with Jin trapped with a dodgy leg now with Claire and MiB, you would think that Jin would join them, whilst Kate declared to Jack that she was on her way to find Claire, which indicates that she may also join MiB.
The only person i can think of that is "coming to the island" is Widmore. Any thoughts?

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