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Why The Island Sank by chicagojago

So the island was floating all along. That is why it is able to move, it is not connected to the Earth. The electromagnetism was keeping it suspended by counter balancing the Earth's magnetism. It was like holding the negative sides of two magnets together. Somehow the energy was released/destroyed/negated during the incident. I think the nuke destroyed this energy causing the island to sink.

I don't really understand how everyone else that says the nuke sank the island makes sense of it. Many people have said it but left it at that. But WHY would the nuke sink it? This is why. I have also heard many people wonder why the surface of the island looks normal and not obliterated and that there is no way they would survive the detonation of the bomb. It seems like everyone forgot that the nuke was suppose to negate the electromagnetism, like matter and anti-matter. When the two meet they just neutralize each other and cease to exist. Of course in reality electromagnetism and nuclear energy are not exact opposites but in Lost they are. "It worked".

And Sayid is not Jacob!

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