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Weird Stuff by Shide

This is just to point out some strange things that I just noticed watching the première the second time around. If this is all common sense and I'm just slow, I'm sorry.

~Rose's reading "Weekly Woodsman" on the flight, kindda reminded me of her lovely retirement cabin with Bernard.

~At the Temple, Cindy says "they were on the first flight". Maybe I'm just looking too much into it, but what other flights could she be talking about? Are they aware of the Ajira Plane?

~As someone already pointed out, there really is a round thing around the Statue's foot underwater. It seems like it really is one of the Ankhs, but if it's there, that would mean the Taweret Statue was a whole when the Island sank.

~Why was Kate on the top of a tree when she woke up? I may be wrong, but seems to me that everyone else was exactly in the place they were when Jughead went off.

~Not quite sure, but seems like Jacob's not wearing any shoes, just like the Temple Others. Were he using any before Ben stabbed him? I'm not sure.

~Not very important, but that hole beneath the Temple, the one they had to be careful not to fall in? That's gotta be the one where Ben fell.

~Sun and Jin did NOT have any rings. That, together with the fact the the Airport Officer called her "Mrs. Paik"....

~There were a lot of hieroglyphs inside the Temple. Nothing surprising, but they seems different than the ones beneath it, for example. Anyone care to try any meaning on them? Also, it really seemed like a Baptism being performed on Sayid inside there. "Born Again" or what, huh.

~Both Dogen and Lennon seem to be wearing the same kind of amulet.

That Terry O'Quinn dyalogue? Good Cake that was sad. Those scenes with him and Michael Emerson are the reason why acting is an 'art'.

So my theory for the Grand Scheme of Things is this: ALT is actually the Original way things played out. Somehow these people realized they need to be on that Island and made arranjements so that could happen. Jack fixes John's spine, and this is why John is healed when they crash on the Island.

Sorry if this is just a mass of random thoughts, none of them orginal.

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