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Desmond is the Failsafe Key by Lojack_Recycles

I was ruminating this evening over this last season of Lost(and sipping a delicious Dharma beer or five, but that seems such an aside as to be unnecessary to mention), when it struck me that of all the things that seemed completely wrong and out of place in the season premiere, none was moreso than Desmond being on that flight, chatting up Jack and perusing his book, "Fear and Trembling", in which the "Knight of Faith" gives up everything of value to him based on the strength or faith in the absurd(That last line was drawn from Wikipedia).

I believe what we'll see, this season, are moments from our Losties' lives in this "new"/"Different"/"other" existence are moments after 815 lands safely in LA, except they will be moments in which Desmond plays a key role. Desmond did, after all, turn the failsafe key, and he is, in Faraday's words both exceptional and miraculous. He could be considered a variable, an "X" factor, if you will(taken from the title of the premiere, "LA X").

More importantly, I believe the person who put Desmond "in play" in this strange game of Chess, or Backgammon or Go or Othello that we've been referring to as "Lost" for 5+ years, is none other than Charles Widmore, previous leader of the Others.

I am of the belief that Charles Widmore knowingly kept Desmond from Penny as a means of fueling Desmond's passion and desire, in order to keep him on the path he was "intended"(according to Widmore) to be on. I am, likewise, of the belief that Widmore has not been a servant of Jacob. Rather, he has always been a servant of "The Man in Black".

We, as the audience, have yet to become privy to "The Man in Black's" motives(aside from the newest revelation of his desire to return home). We cannot really judge, solely on what we've been presented, that he is the "bad guy"/antagonist in the tale of "Lost".

I would assert that Charles Widmore has been working in concert with the "Man in Black".

We know that last season Widmore stated that Locke had to go back to the island, or "The Wrong side would win". That statement alone does not necessitate that either A)Widmore is Jacob's "assistant" or B)Widmore wants the side that John was initially on to win(Most likely Jacob's, as Jacob was the one who touched John in the finale and Jacob is who John was "following" when he left the island).

I'm positive we're in for a role reversal, as it were, in this last season. We'll see white as black, and black as white, in the traditional sense.

The Man in Black will find his way home, at what cost I cannot say.

I'm fairly certain that Desmond will be his failsafe key in ensuring his return home.

We've already seen him interacting with Jack in a place/time in which he rightly shouldn't have been(according to the time-place aspects of "Lost" we've been presented over the last 5 seasons.

We can expect Desmond to show up in each of our Main Losties' lives(Locke, Kate, Claire, Sun, Jin). It's possible that he may not end up in Hurley or Sayid's life, as they were touched by Jacob after the original crash and return, but if he does, you can bet those would be the two most pivotal scenes of the season in terms of plot advancement.

Just some thoughts rumbling around in a Dharma Beer-logged mind;)

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