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I was getting ready to write a theory on Jack being in leadership training by the Others in the Temple when it hit me that Dogen asked when was Jacob going to come to the temple? We have been lead to believe that Jacob summons people, he does not go to them! I think all of this was scripted by Jacob in a kind of narrative format to the Others on what to do and when to do it. Jacob dying was most likely a purposeful omission by Jacob (he planned his death and made sure that Hurley has back on the island in order to have an intermediary with the living). I think the temple others were expecting Sayid to come back to life as indicated by Lennon's smirk when he told Dogen that he was alive. They are still following the narrative Jacob laid out in that now they are slowing pushing Jack in the right direction to become THE leader. Notice how Dogen was pulling at Jack's guilt on his leadership decisions? How he t! old Jack he speaks Japonese to separate himself from his people because of the difficult decisions he has to make (ala He Walks Among Us, but is Not One of Us). The others know that a leadership change is in the works and Jack is the prime candidate.

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