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Losties were born on the island by Vincentisgod

Ok, this is probably really dumb, but just thought it could be interesting. I'm sure a million of you will call me names and ask if I've ever watched the show and then comment back with details so minute that even the producers would have no recollection, but anyway, whatever. This is fun anyway.

Ok, so Annie, Ben's childhood friend. Where'd she go? With all the other kids when the sub left is where she went. Ok, so what? Big deal. Well, here's the big deal...Kate's middle name is Anne. Ok? Ok, well, what if...she's really Annie. But it's the "new Kate we see. The "new" losties are really the kids from the island. And when the sub left, it went towards the "new" timeline. Jack and Kate and all them grew up and now we see them in this "new" timeline. They don't recognize each other b/c they haven't seen each other since they were kids. The island tried to bring them back but got losties from a different time line...the one's we've grown to love over the past 5 years.

This is probably so far off that I have no business being on the internet or near a computer, but damn do I love this show and all the theories.

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