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More Evidence that MIB is the Good Guy by BudE

I submitted a theory that MIB is the good guy and Jacob is the Bad Guy. I believe we were just provided with more evidence.

Sayid is about to die. Ghost Jacob shows up and advised Hurley to take Sayid to the Temple to save him. Now, either Ghost Jacob was actually MIB in disguise...while this is possible; it seems a bit odd that Jacob even mentioned the guitar case. If it was Ghost Jacob, then Jacob is responsible for Sayid being brought to the Temple. Sayid takes a dip in the septic system hot tub and comes out infected. An infection that has everyone scared to death. So...Jacob was responsible for Sayid becoming infected. Who is to say that Jacob didn't infect Claire?

I just have this feeling that TPTB aren't done with major plot twists. And I think having the soft spoken, free will Jacob as the bad guy and the black wearing, pissed off MIB as the good guy would be one hellava twist.

What is strange is that Sho Nuff the Master, Lennon and Co., who were initially ready to off the Losties, wouldn't just off Sayid with a bullet once they found out that he was infected.

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