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Why the bomb did not go off by B.A. Youngerman

So many people think Juliet detonated the H bomb. I believe she didn't. In fact, I believe she couldn't detonate it. The island wouldn't let her. What we saw at the end of the Season 5 finale was a release of the electromagnetic energy at full force.

Consider this: Sayid, if he is telling the truth, rigged the bomb so that it would explode on impact. But, when it hit the bottom of the shaft, nothing. No explosion. Why not, I've been asking myself since the end of Season 5. Did Sayid purposely rig the bomb to fail?

The bomb, set to explode at impact and tossed into a deep pit of rock and metal, doesn't go off. Yet, Juliet hitting it weakly with a little rock does the job?

So, it recently occurred to me that everyone around the bomb site/swan site would have died had the bomb exploded. Think about the power of an H bomb, which would have demolished everything within 150 miles. If you don't buy this, look it up online at a site about H bombs.

We know, from past show reveals, that the island won't let anyone die until it's done with them. So, it seems clear that the island isn't done with our Losties. Not yet.

Remember when the island wasn't done with Michael? When he was on the freighter? He couldn't kill himself. Not until he was allowed to die, when Christian said: You can go now. Remember Jack trying to shoot Locke, who had just knifed Naomi? The gun jammed. Some believe it was MIB saving Jack at that moment. I think it was the island.

Faraday convinced Jack that the bomb blast wouldn't kill them or the island. But I always thought he was wrong. I believe it could reboot time, considering it's proximity to the electromagnetic pocket of energy. But it would kill whoever was next to it, and turn the island into a fireball. Miles said more than once that they could be killed in the past, even though they were originally living in the "present" timeline. Miles wasn't cool with throwing the bomb in that pit.

Anyway, we'll see how long the island lets our Losties live. I think any or all of them could die by the end of Season 6. It's just a matter of when the island says it's ok to go.

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