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Richard IS NOT Immortal by That80'sGuy

As we all watched the first 5 seasons of LOST there was always someone who stood out from the rest of the cast, a man who seemingly did not age throughout the series-Richard Alpert.

But after watching the season opener for se6 I now believe that Richard can die and is NOT immortal like we all thought...WHY?...

Because of the "Spring of Eternal Youth" found in the TEMPLE.

I know what you're saying....but if Ben was grought there as a kid why did he grow up? Well obviously Jacob needed someone he could trust as his advisor to the leaders of the island and chose a slave off the Black Rock to be that advisor.

He very well could have done something to keep him at the age and look at the time of their meeting and would use the Spring to keep him in this state of youth as it is.

We have never seen him shot or come close to being hurt for a reason...to not give away any secrets that were left for this season.

If you remember the Purge, Richard is wearing a gas mask to keep himself safe from the gas over Dharmaville.Why would an Immortal need a gas mask? The look on Richards face when Faraday hed the gun to his head was one of fear-fear of dying.

I still believe he is special and plays a solid role in the mythology that is LOST, but i think we WILL finally find out the truth about Richard during his centric episode this season and like everyone else..I can't wait.

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