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Watching LA_X and something stood out to me....

Bullets bounce off of MIB like he was Superman...but yet....Danielle was able to shoot all of them in the head and kill them instantly!So?....was the French team possessed by MIB?...or did they serve him?

....I think they served him....why?Because Robert spoke about him and not as him.Robert constantly talked and referred to him while talking to Danielle(almost like a hero/god worship).

If this is not the case...then it means MIB can posses multiple people at once in which if he does this,it makes him physically weaker-there for you can kill his physical form.

...or I could be wrong and he systematically took them out one by one(note=all the guys went into the hole at the same time to retrieve Montand).

...and finally...If they were serving MIB....is their a REAL Sickness?

I mean...Desmond just said it was just water...a trick!...You are wrong the Desmond.....

....I think the vaccine is the Island's special water that DHARMA bottled up...why? If you inject yourself with the Island water and have it in your system,it makes you immune to fall under MIB's control.To people who don't know it's back story...
it would just appear as plain old ordinary water in a tiny bottle.

Claire stopped taking the vaccine several days before moving to Othersville(she only had a two week supply for her and Arron).She almost died...she was in and out of it for a second(you should NEVER let a person with a concussion fall asleep(they let Claire take a nap,if Jack was there-he would have kept her awake),I think this is when MIB took advantage,sensed this while in the area of Claire and BAM! hooked her and used her to break the circle of ash.

"People tell me that I'm paranoid...but it is Paranoia that keeps me alive and safe"-Sayid Jarrah.

...and now you say...Danielle did not take vaccine,so how did she not get under his control? I think MIB can't take control or manipulate people that are crazy or paranoid.I think this is what saved her all those years.I also think after MIB used Claire to break the ash...he judged her,let her go bassed on her goodness and left her to roam the Jungle Danielle-style.years of isolation on Claire would def make Claire paranoid(and we might even find this out next episode).

..So....that's my theory for now...hope everyone enjoys!

and two more things....

1)the Temple Others are d*cks.
2)I'm not a fan of Jack but I'm liking 2007 Jack(his attitude is improving a bit...you can see he is really making an effort-5 stars for you Jack!).

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