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I'm very confused after season 6 premiere. I guess the concentration of events is overwhelming for my mind.

But anyway, I start to think about consequences of consequences of bomb detonation/last time travel.

So our losties are in the same time period like Ajira-folks. There were a lot of time-crossing events (like Sawyer watching Aaron's birth and etc). The only scene remains unclear is the scene with someone shooting at Daniel, Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Sharlotte while they were paddling to the Orchid (And this happened in Ajira time period for sure).
Well, now I can solve this mystery... i think.
Those who were shooting at our guys didn't want to kill them, they wanted to stop them somehow. I'm sure it was Sawyer and someone with him, who was shooting. He knew there was Juliet there, he desperately wanted to change their own course of events by stopping them, even if he knew that in few seconds the canoe with Juliet would time travel/disappear. Pretty sad, don't you think?
And by the way, this is the last moment where people from different timelines interconnect. And I bet "new" Sawyer remembers it.

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