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We know that MIB only takes the form of people who are dead. Since Jacob is now dead, is it possible that MIB took the form of Jacob when he appeared to Hurley. He asked Hurley to take Sayid to the Temple to save him. Sayid's name was on the list in the ankh in the guitar case, so Sayid had a "free pass" into the Temple.

Sayid drowned in the Temple and perhaps MIB has taken on the dead body of Sayid now. Taking Sayid to the Temple did Sayid no good and endangered the Losties, so it makes little sense that Jacob would put them in that situation since he values the Losties.

If MIB took over Sayid's body, it means MIB is now in the Temple. A question is can MIB get into a body that is in a place surrounded by the ash, as is the Temple?

I think he can, as he inhabited Christian's body in the cabin. I don't think he can necessarily get out, but that might not be something he is worried about right now.

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