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Lost tribes of Israel by jay horn

I believe the circle begins with the lost tribes. The island, Jacob and nemmesis/twin brother(Esau), find themselves and followers broken away from North Eastern Africa on this island under devine or accidental circumstances.

The tribes themselves die-off because of the inability to reproduce succesfully.
The already strained relations of the brothers(Genesis) comes to a head when they disagree as to how they will deal with the situation;
Jacob believes that the only way is to rebuild the populace and move forward with newly "captured" followers and Esau is loathe to this time consuming foolish game wanting only to return home by any means,but he carries no weight with Jacobs decisions.......he's lost his faith.
Esau's immpatience and disdain vs. Jacobs faith based solution plays itself out over and over again in the loop through reincarnated tribal members that are returned to the island by Jacobs orders in hopes that time will develop the people they need to overcome the practical matters of re-population. They seem to only hold their power while on the island.
The people are routinely routed and cast upon the island in hopes of further progress with every generation.
The black Rock crew is the only veteran manifistation of these people that we witness in the program.
Richard, despite having been around for awhile has a childlike
understanding of the bigger picture....he's never decisive and remains in the middle position regarding most aspects of the
story. He should (by all means)outrank Benjamin, but he does not.......because Benjamin is Jacob or Esau incarnate for a
time...and he knows it.
I suspect that Richard is valuable to both deity-like characters because he is the oldest of the humans and keeps things in check on that level. He has been given a body that doesn't age so others realise that he carries weight and his orders must be followed.
The rest of the characters must be purely incidental. They are simply the "next round" in a never ending cycle that will continue unless Jacob is killed.
Remember the scene in season 5 "incident 2" where Jacob offers
MIB (Esau) something to eat- Esau declines by saying that he'd already eaten which suggests to me that Jacob is mocking his brother concerning their past (Genesis), and Esau (MIB)then indicates that he will kill Jacob when the time comes. He is bitter at losing his birthright and being subservient to his lesser brother, and may very well be the "good guy" in this story.
Those are my thoughts........we'll see.

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