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What we know for sure by WiseLocke

This is my first post but I read your theories a lot but I thought I would share some of the facts that I have seen. I'm sure a lot of you have already came to some of these conclusions

First off I wanted to start off with the sickness that supposedly claire and sayid have. It kind of reminds me of the sickness that rossueu said her team had, they weren't the same after they all went into that temple. Shit her husband tried to kill her so it should be interesting to see what this infection is and if it is in fact the same infection that Rousseau team had. b/c if that’s the case then they been infected by something the smoke monster did, b/c Rousseau team had to be infected by the smoke monster b/c they were all brought into the temple besides Rousseau…. but again it could be different. Maybe it’s a good sickness. B/c it was by Jacobs’s orders to bring sayid back to life so it should be interesting to see in the upcoming episodes what Claire does with Jin. Does she recognize him? Take his as hostage? Etc.

I also think the smoke monster can take form of anybody. It’s started from the beginning with seeing Christian in season one. Ekos brother in season three. Alex in season five and now obviously Locke. What do all of these people have in common? They all died on the island or their body is on the island so it seems to me that smokie can take form of anybody whose body is on the island. So why take form of Lockes when he could take form of anybody’s? I think its b/c Locke is/was the leader of the others. So he the smoke monster can strike the most fear in his body….. And it makes perfect sense for this to be true. B/c it was Christian who sent Locke on his journey off the island in which he died. It was Alex who told Ben he better listen to every word john Locke says. Which this obviously led to the death of Jacob. So it makes perfect sense if smokie was all of these people. And his plan worked b/c eventually Jacob died. And now he roams the island as a fake Locke.

All that being said. We haven't seen what’s Jacob plan really is. But there no doubt in my mind that he got a counter attack. That his plan is starting to put itself into place. With Hurley leading them to the temple as the first act of this plan, and of course you could go farther and say Jacob had a plan all along. It shall be interesting to see how this develops. It’s like a game between two forces of good and evil. Each putting their pieces into place. Each setting each other up. Like a game of chess. Who will come out victorious? Is Jacob in fact the good one? we never know with lost.

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