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Hugo may be claimed by Johnzo

In the season 4 premiere, Carlton Cuse wanted Hugo to see the cabin and go up to it and see an eye ball looking back at him. In the premiere, the eye ball was Christian Shephard's. Originally, Cuse wanted the eyeball looking back at him to be Hugo's own eye. ABC execs said no, that's too confusing, so they didnt do it.

We have not seen yet what happened on the island directly after the hydrogen bomb detonated and/or the theorized time flash occurred. We know our Losties survived and so did Radzinsky and Dr. Marvin Candle. With that said, it seems unlikely that the hydrogen bomb went off when all these people survived.

If we assume the losties time flashed to 2007, that means that eventually both island stories will converge and be one island story and one off-island story.

If you integrate Cuse's original idea, that indicates that our losties have been dead for awhile and/or some of them have already been claimed. If they have been claimed very earlier on in the show, it would make sense why their alt-universe personalities differ so much from their current island personalities.

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