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WHAT lies in the shadow of the Statue by Jen

Ok, WAAAY back in Season 4 there was a flashfoward to a conversation between Ben and Charle. Widmore got angry at Ben and made a VERY interesting comment: "I know who you are, boy. What you are!"

Alright, the sentence started off okay then the WHAT part of the comment got to me. We had just finished Season 5 and Ilana asked Richard "What lies in the shaodw of the Statue?"
Richard replied in Latin (trans): "The one who will save us all."
Since Ben is now officially a being and a thing at the same time and he was literally IN the shadow of the Statue when he supposibly killed Jacob (I still reckon Jacob is like a Phoenix and rebirthed, hence the boy on the Island now in season 6), he is the Saviour in the question and Jacob was the enemy.
What this I hear you ask: Ilana and Richard are working for Jacob so how does this work? Well, the question is like a chinese whisper. It first originated from MiB's people but then somewhere in history the context was switched to Jacob. We know Jacob is capable of much more harder and bigger things than creating a rumour, so it's very possible that Jacob switched the question to base it upon himself to save his a**.

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