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THEORY: Jacob wanted Jack to break the Lighthouse mirrors to protect the island from destruction. What do we know? We know that Jacob's goal in making sure that Hurley got Jack to go with him to the Lighthouse was so that Jack, upon seeing this mechanism of manipulation, would lose his temper and totally destroy the device at the top of the Lighthouse. Why? Why was this so vitally important?Remember when Miles was present on the island simultaneously with his baby self. Remember how nervous he was? I think Miles may have been aware of a theory that if a person exists in two different timelines somehow comes to one timeline and makes physical contact with himself then the fabric of time is ruptured causing an enormous explosion which may destroy both timelines and everyone in them. Remember the numbered bunny rabbits and Chang saying they could not touch. Same principle. These people have been doing expe! rimental time travel with animals. Jacob wanted to make sure that none of the candidates will be brought to the island from in this same time and meet themselves and blow up the island.

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