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What about your Friends?..... by Ralph

Why do I think Jacob is evil and fooling us all...look who he recruited to for his plan......

A bunch of very flawed people with questionable personalities....

JACK-A LIAR(lied a lot),STALKER(Sarah),GAMBLER(beat Sawyer,CONTROLLING(everything around him),BULLY(attacked his father at an AA meeting),and ATTEMPTED MURDERER(He tried to shoot Locke in the face!).....

KATE-MURDERER(her Dad),THIEF(pick something),and LIAR(majority of the time).

SAWYER-CON(his job),LIAR(when he feels like it),THIEF(pick something),and MURDERER(Duckett).


HURLEY-THIEF(Chicken,Lawn Gnomes),LIAR(Hording DHARMA food).

JIN-LIAR(withholds info about job from Sun),and BULLY(beats people for Sun's dad).

SUN-LIAR(a lot!),POISONED (Michael's water),CHEATED(on Jin),and MURDERER(Coleen),BLACK MAIL(her father)and ATTEMPTED MURDER(on BEN)

....and Last but not least....

JOHN LOCKE-LIAR(lied about being a smart guy in school and about Boone and the Hatch),STALKER(stalked his father),ASSAULT(Various characters),DRUGGED BOONE and TIED him up (against his will),HELPED WITH THE MURDER OF HIS FATHER,and MURDERED(Naomi)...and also he is the FOOL and PATSY.

....All these people are actually BAD people or SHADY people by Moral standards....Why would JACOB recruit those type of People?

Maybe because of these characters gray perspective on life,they are more open to influence to Jacob's con...I mean...Jacob has not showed us that he judges people(He actually showed us that he supports and pushes them towards bad things-NOTE:Nadia dying lead Sayid to a MURDER streak).Don't get me wrong though...any of these characters can see the light and error of their ways and change...they have FREE WILL.

If the shoe was on the other foot...would MIB recruit the same people?...I mean...He Judges people....

Who's the REAL bad guy here?

Enjoy everyone!.......

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