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I submitted the "70's dharma photo" theory awhile back that included the crane wreckage screen shot from season 2.

Apologies if this was already touched on...I don't read all of these...

This multiverse stuff is bugging me. 4 (main) reasons:

1) It's a cheat to spend 5 years constructing rules and boundaries with Desmond's flashes and WHH, etc, to then just break those rules and boundaries. So unless they thought ahead of this (I'm assuming they did), I'm going to be upset.

2) If 815 doesn't crash, then they don't eventually travel thru time and space to even detonate a bomb that sinks the island, so it would still be there. This leads me to believe that it wasn't the h-bomb that's responsible for this. It's a bit corny to suggest these multiverse "strings" overlap. (But then Juliet had to go and tell Miles "It worked"...lame). However, dharmaville existed before the island sunk, so it had to have been sunk with the others and dharma still on it. Even if it were sent back in time when it sinks, then dharmaville wouldn't have been built. This is a mess.

3) There was far more tampering with the island than the h-bomb. One would be lead to believe that the well was built because Sawyer was holding the rope for John that wound up sticking out of the ground. A sort of "x marks the spot" for whoever found and excavated it. This would probably mean no well, no orchid station.

4) If there's two timelines...why not 1,463 timelines? Why only show us these two? Why is Jack the only guy to make a big decision? Take the NFL. One of two teams can win a game. If there's an alt universe where each team wins, then with about 16 (whatever) games on a sunday, that gives us 32 universes x 16 regular season games x playoffs x superbowl...etc. It's ridiculous. Each one of these events can potentially change all of our lives. LAME.

If the plane doesn't crash, then they can't ever ensure it doesn't crash, which means they never crashed, and the show would already be over. The previous 5 seasons would be a paradox. Can't be the h-bomb...at least that's what I'm thinking right now. I'm ok with the multiverse so long as it's not due to the 815ers detonating jughead.


(I like that Jack gave Locke hope though...I don't mind the resolution that the multiverse can bring to the characters)

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