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I think this one could be kept quite short and sweet.

Bomb goes off in 1977. Island is destroyed. Now this doesnt just change the losties destiny to crash on the island but all events from 1977 up until 2004. The people who were living on that island have all been killed (granted the purge would have done that anyway). These could be "others" or Dharma bods or even Jacob. Now Jacob for all we know may not be able to exist on an underwater island same for MIB. This could mean that they may have no influence on the losties. Jacob would not have been there at key points in their lives to give him his *touch* to whatever destiny he holds for them.

This could man that sawyer would no longer be mad at actual Sawyer, Hurley would not be cursed by the numbers.

It could also be possible that the island could be connected to families of the Losties. for example Kate who was known for killing her father was shown in a comicon video where she had killed a plumber instead. Where was her Dad? Why wasnt he there? It could be possible he was indirectly connected to the island.

Now for the Shepherd Family. Christians coffin had dissappeared. I think this is a red herring for now to make it look like it is somewhere it shouldnt be. Christian was obviously meant for the Island in the first iteration but not in the ALT. Claire being in LAX at the same time is not coincidental and will show at some point how they are related due to the missing coffin.

All in all i believe that the ALT will give the losties a second chance to "redeem" themselves and get a choice of which life they want, the one of a purpose (2007) or one of free will (ALT)

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