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We've Seen the End by Autumnatic

Season One began with a man in a suit in the jungle. The remainder of Season One explained why and how he and the other people on the beach got there. Season Two began with Desmond in the hatch - and by the end, had explained how and why he was there. Season Three began with Juliet; it went on to explain quite a bit about the Dharma/Others hybrid we had been referring to as the Others, and how Juliet came to join them in her nice yellow house. Season Four started with Hurley somehow back in LA with memories of the island - and by the finale, we knew how he got there and why. Season Five kicked off with the WTF moment of Faraday at the Orchid site talking to Pierre Change/Marvin Candle. And what did we learn by the end of the season? Why and how he came to be there, and what became of his "return" to the island.

So here's my theory, short and sweet: The "alt"/"weird"/whatever flashes we saw in the Season 6 premier are just like Desmond riding his bike, Jack in the jungle, or Juliet's book club. Somewhere along the lines, by the end of the season, we will see the Losties sink the island, ending once and for all whatever started this mess, and truly reset, back to the time of flight 815 landing safely at LAX. This season will be about how they get there - but it's not actually a reset or an alternate reality. It's the FUTURE. (Or the past. One of those. :) )

I know all I have is the pattern of seasons and premiers past, so this will probably get shot down. But I'm willing to bet this is it. I don't pretend to know what the last scene will be, but I bet we will see the island sink and a TRUE reset before the end.

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