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Everyone appears to be the opposite of what they appear to be, from sweet Kate being a fugitive, Sawyer who is always a jerk really having a heart of gold, to Sun being the real negative one in the relationship with Jin. In the first part of my role reversals theory I posted that the man of Science really is Locke, while Jack is the real man of Faith, but could there be others who are not what they appear to be?

In the season 5 finale's opening scene, we first see Jacob and for some reason most assume that he is the good guy and the Man In Black is the bad guy. Why is that? Just because of their clothing? Just because MIB tells Jacob that he wants to kill him? For all we know MIB wants to kill Jacob to end his evil Dictatorship of the island, think about it for a second. Who is the one bringing people to the island and thus for the most part causing their death? Jacob, he admitted that he willingly brought people to the island, and it seems, it's only to proof a point to MIB. This could all just be a sick game for Jacob's enjoyment. For the most part, we are pretty sure Jacob really is the true leader of the others and if that's the case, he is the reason for all of our survivors suffering at the cause of the others.

But this brings an ever bigger question. What constitutes someone being good or bad? Our perspectives on everyone could be wrong. For instance, we have come to realize that the "others" are not as bad as they once seemed to be. Tom the face of evil in the first 2 seasons became Mr friendly, Juliet switching sides and joining our survivors, and even Ben showing some soul to some degree (he couldn't kill baby Alex or even penny later on). While look at the survivors of 815, most of them had troubled pasts and even their morals on the island haven't been that decent either. In any other show or perspective they would be the villains, but they are not to us just because we see things in their perspective. For all we know they ARE the real villains (wouldn't that be the ultimate role reversal). From what we have learned of the Other's original plans. it was to leave the unworthy behind and to save the "innocent" and take them to a safe place and thus the reason for " Jacob's list! ".... Maybe Jacob is not so bad after all.

My real point is we don't know who really is who. I don't know if Jacob is evil or not, its all about perspective. No one is who they are, because we as viewers naturally always assign roles to people. The beauty of this show is that each character is complex and often their actions are ambiguous and thus represents the true essence of this show, HUMAN NATURE. In the end, do you really want to know who the real villain of LOST is? Its anyone "OTHER" than YOU, or as a viewer anyone who YOU just don't like. You as a viewer and as a human can decide. In my opinion, a Villain will never know he is the Villain.
.... Yes this is a LONG th

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