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First off, I want everyone to know I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY not a Sulieter, however after tonight's episode it was clear to me that they will end up together in the alternate reality.

In the season 5 episode "This Place is Death", Charlotte's last words were "I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner". At first we thought these were pointless rumblings of a dying Woman, however we later discovered that these words were said to Daniel when she was a young girl and he warned her she could never come back to the island, seen in the episode "The Variable".

Now, when Sawyer went and retrieved Juliet in the heart of the destroyed Swan site, something very similar happened. At one point she looked at him, slightly confused, and said "Want to get a coffee sometime? We can go Dutch." He didn't understand what she meant, I believe we will discover towards the end of the season in the Alternate reality that they both will meet and she will somehow recognize him from a weird dream or something. She will start to talk to him and he will be confused, eventually she will say "Want to get coffee sometime? We can go Dutch." At this point when she sees him she is kind of between both realities.

Alt Sawyer obviously will eventually agree and thats why Miles heard Juliet say "It worked", they are together again in some form.

I believe the Alt will eventually lead the characters to the path they were always meant to take. The Marshall for example got the same cut on his forehead in the ALT that he received in the Pilot when the suitcase him him in the head. Sawyer was instantly attracted to Kate, same with Jack. Around the middle of the season we will think she will be Sawyer, but near the end Sawyer will meet Juliet and the rest is above.

This also would make the rumor that Damon wrote in someones book that Juliet was ALWAYS the love of Sawyer's life true.

I for one hope this isn't true, I don't like Suliet, however let me know what you think.

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