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Pop Goes the Bubbleverse by back_gammon

Last year. shortly after learning a hydrogen bomb sat on the island in proximity to an enormous pocket of EM energy, I proposed that the island is the location of a flaw in the universe, a structural weak point, and that things are being held together with what amounts to cosmic paper clips and duct tape. The situation on the island struck me as perilous, worse than cashing your paycheck in a liquor store running a special on Guinness Stout. (God help us!)

Underlying the idea about a flaw in the universe is my creative (some might say wacky) intrepertion of something known in layman's physics as the bubble universe theory. In a nutshell, the bubble universe theory has three main concepts. 1. Multiple universes exist. 2. Some of the universes (or bubble-verses) are expanding while some are contracting. 3. In the expanding bubble-verses, some regions of space stop stretching and form distinct bubbles, like gas pockets in a loaf of rising bread.

So on the island, you have this pocket of space that has stopped expanding. It's like a gas pocket in a loaf of bread. Trapped within it is a huge quantiy of unique EM energy. The beer, er, the universe around the island is continuing to expand like a good bubble-verse, but the gas bubble pocket can't expand. It's lost its yeasty stretchy goodness.

Along comes fixaholic Jack. They detonate Jughead, blow the EM, and all seems well, but in the process they blew a small hole between X world and WHH world. The bubble-verse burst and there's no reverse. Things went bang just like Wu Tang.

When the hole burst, nothing seemed to happen at first. It's just one small pinhole in a pretty big universe. But a huge calamity is underway and it's escalating quickly.

Since 1977, the X multi-verse and the WHH multiverse have been collapsing into each other. These effects may be seen in numerous examples throughout the past five seasons. For example, the changing record player in the hatch, the changing pictures on the wall in Mile's first flashback, delirious Sawyer seemingly channeling Kate's stepfather and asking Kate why he killed her, Hurley's concern about transference, Juliet's comment about getting cofffee and going dutch. (For a full list of stuff see Lostpedia's section on continuity errors.) All of these things are examples of the two bubble-verses collapsing into each other.

Evidence of the collapse will become more prevalent as the final season progresses. Ultimately, the Losties will have to somehow patch the hole between the universes in order to save both worlds. God help us.

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