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“We have it backwards” by Splodge

To quote Monika (another theorist on this site) “We have it backwards”. Series 1-5 was a reset and the timeline where flight 815 lands is what happened originally. That changes to the original timeline (where flight 815 always landed) were made by Dharma. Desmond’s life was also interfered with and is what caused the plane to crash by accident and caused series 1-5. Series 1-5 was the reset. Jacob interfered in their pasts and changes were made which affected their lives so that they were able to do certain things on the island. Like Sayid being taught to be an assassin by Inman, Hurley getting bad luck, Sun and Jin getting married… I believe that our Losties have been having flashes to their future the whole time they were on the island. They weren’t having déjà vu or visions but their consciousnesses were flashing through time and witnessing the future.

If the timeline where flight 815 doesn’t crash is the timeline when the bomb went off then what stopped the escaping electromagnetism at the Swan site in the timeline when the bomb didn’t go off?

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