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The biggest reveal in S6 so far is the fact that when it comes to The Smoke Monster, we kept asking the wrong question all along- "What is the Monster?" But the question we should have been asking is "Who is The Monster?" Which is significantly different.

While some have speculated that Jacob's Nemesis is The Monster as soon as "The Incident" aired, most thought that he was simply another manifestation of it. However, after "LA X", I no longer believe that's the case. I think The Monster is a manifestation of The Man in Black. Why?

Let's start with the following exchange between Ben and Flocke:

Ben: What are you?
Flocke: I'm not a What, Ben. I'm a Who.

I doubt the writers would have planted such a line in Flocke's mouth unless it was significant, especially Given the length they went to to make us understand MIB is The Monster.

There's also the fact that when all hell breaks loose at The Temple, Lennon tells Hurley they're acting in order "To keep him out." "Him", not "It", which suggests that The Monster is a person.

Personally, I love the resoultion to this mystery, as I never liked the theories that The Monster is a machine or a cloud of nanobots.

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