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.... not what it is, or where it comes from unfortunately. But something else, which elegantly provides a rationale for two fundamental questions; the shapeshifting, and the ash.

Let me start by saying I've always been a little confused about the monster's ability to shapeshift into people once they're dead. Why is this? Why can it not shapeshift into living people?

Then I remembered the rabbits in the Dharma video.

You see, I think the monster *CAN* shapeshift into anyone, living or dead. The trouble is, like with the rabbits in the video, if it were to do this and the cloned person appeared, it would lead to a Kasimir effect and a huge explosion which would destroy it (and everything else).

This is why it chooses to take the form of only dead people; perhaps there is enough of a molecular difference between dead and living people (ie; absence of brain activity) that the two are not identical clones. Thus, the monster stays cautious about impersonating people who haven't yet died, just in case they were to show up on the island (lets face it, weirder things have happened).

Now let me explain how the ash fits into all this (some of you might've already guess); the "ash" is the same material that the monster is made of, albeit inert. Because it is not an identical clone of the smoke monster, the ash doesn't cause an explosion, but it does *harm* the monster to go near it because the materials are similar enough!

Perhaps the shapeshifter witnessed the volcano exploding and decided to "copy" the sight of the black smoke in order to navigate the island. At first I was a little put off by this idea but it makes perfect sense; if you had to patrol a large, highly volatile island day and night searching for Jacob (and his hiding place), how would you do it? Taking the form of any mammal would be far too slow. However, if you took the form of fast-moving 'cloud', not only are you more or less invincible, but you can essentially ''fly'' around the island at high speeds.

So basically, the smoke is the most practical form for the shapeshifter to take.

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