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Okay, so I've read a couple of books that appeared on the show. One of them: VALIS by Philip K. Dick. (was given to Ben by Locke in " Eggtown")

It's funny actually: I read it a year ago, after it appeared on the show but (except for some subjects like time travel and religion / faith) there was no real resemblance to the show.

UNTIL, I saw the first episodes of season 6! A few days ago I just re-read the book and suddenly the appendix became very interesting because something caught my eye, the name: Dogon, yes I know it's Dogen but they might've done this on purpose.

These are all parts from the Appendix (which includes different short sentences):

"The name of the healthy twin, hyperuniverse I, is Nommo. The name of the sick twin, hyperuniverse II, is Yurugu. These names are known to the Dogon people of western Sudan in Africa.

The primordial source of all our religions lies with the ancestors of the Dogon tribe, who got their cosmogony and cosmology directly from the three-eyed invaders who visited long ago. The three-eyed invaders are mute and deaf and telepathic, could not breathe our atmosphere, had the elongated misshapen skull of Ikhnaton, and emanated from a planet in the star-system Sirius. Although they had no hands, but had, instead, pincer claws such as a crab has, they were great builders.
They covertly influence our history toward a fruitful end. "

(I know it's a lot but it's worth reading)

- It tells about the twin(healthy + sick)
> Jacob and MiB

- Dogon Tribe
> The group Others under the command of Dogen

- "Three-eyed invaders who visited long ago"
> (Ok, not literally 3 eyes) but Jacob and MiB actually came long ago.

- "Although they had no hands, but had, instead, pincer claws such as a crab has, they were great builders."
> Christian couldn't help Locke to stand up in the Frozen Donkey Wheel cave ("..no hands") but he certainly helped him to get off the Island, ie. by words ("..great builders") So in short: Completing tasks without physical work

- And the most important sentence "They covertly influence our history toward a fruitful end."
> This really depicts Lost: Jacob (covertly) gave everyone a little nudge so they would go on Oceanic 815, leading them to the Island.

And this would all lead to "a fruitful end."

(numbered by me, not according to book)

(1)"The lower realm, or Yin, Form II of Parmenides, is mechanical, driven by blind, efficient cause, deterministic and without intelligence, since it emanates from a dead source."

>>> This is about MiB, emanating from dead sources. (mechanical = smokey)

About the killing of the 'sick twin' aka MiB:
(2)" Approaching its task with caution, it prepared to kill the deranged twin, since she cannot be healed; i.e. she will not allow herself to be healed because she does not not understand that she is sick.
This illness and madness pervades us and makes us idiots living in private, unreal worlds. The original plan of the One can only be realized now by the division of hyperuniverse I into two healthy hyperuniverses, which will transform the hologramatic universe into the successfull teaching machine it was designed to be."

>>>Interesting sidenote, here it already talks about the division into 2 'healthy hyperuniverses' aka into two different timelines.

(3)"Therefore it is in the process of self-repair, which includes: rebuilding our subcircuit via linear and orthogonal time changes, as well as continual signaling to us to stimulate blocked memory banks within us to fire and hence retrieve what is there. "

>>>It talks about time changes that has to be made in order to be successful.

(4)" The great secret ... ...is that: we are moving backward in time. The universe in fact is contracting into a unitary entity which is completing itself. Decay and disorder are seen by us in reverse, as increasing. These healers learned to move forward in time, which is retrograde to us. "

>>> It actually says that the healers (MiB + Jacob) learned to move forward in time. As seen by Jacob.

(5)"The Immortal One was known to the Greeks as Dionysos; to the Jews as Elijah; to the Christians as Jesus. He moves on when each human host dies, and thus is never killed or caught. "
>>> MiB uses dead bodies to portray itself and is thus never caught.

(6)"He lived a long time ago, but he is still alive."
> Refering to Richard(?)

(7)" One by one he draws us out of the world. "
> Talking about Jacob. He draws them out of the world and puts them in his very own 'chessgame' of Good VS Evil.

Okay, I did not predict the ending of Lost but ultimately it is about the killing of the 'sick,evil and deranged' twin.

The only question that remains is: Which one is it?
Jacob or MiB,

I can answer you this question:

How can Jacob / MiB be killed?

In order to answer this, I use my last quote from this book:

"To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement. This is a paradox: whoever defeats a segment of the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus, imposing its form on its enemies. Thereby it becomes its enemies. "

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