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Islands Cant Be Sunk by Sparticus

Islands cant be sunk. The only way an Island came become submerged underwater is if the sea level rises to cover the island in water.

Therefore, any theory about the Hydro bomb sinking the Island is incorrect. I know that the writers do their research in regards to physics, time, space, etc., so Im pretty sure that they would not irresponsibly tell us at any point in the series that the Hydro bomb actually "sunk" the Island.

As a result, there has to be a different theiry as to why the Island is underwater in the ALT timeline.

My theory is that the Island itself is some sort of "sphere" that is able to move througout time and space, but is not truly a naturally occuring geological feature such as an Island. Think "Truman Show".

I believe that the Island is in fact "man made" or "Alien made", and is in fact more of a "ship" or "Noahs Ark" type of craft.

For example, when the drilling hit the energy source, this could have been the Island/Ships power source.

Also, you can sink a "ship".

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