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The War is coming...Jack vs Jack by B-Runner

We all know a war is coming and most feel it will be fought between Jacob v MIC, Widmore V Ben, Jack V Locke.

I theorize that by the end of the season the survivors of 815 will have the knowledge of everything that has happened to them thus far as well as what could of happened (ALT.) A war will then be fought between those survivors that want the plane to crash and those that don't. How, when, where, I have no idea.

Charlie who got to die a hero on the island, as well as meet and spend time with Claire would obviously want the plane to crash as opposed to rot in jail. Assuming Sayid meets up and gets together with Nadia in the Alt, he would not want the plane to crash.

My theory is that by the end of the season the survivors will be fighting amongst themselves for which reality is indeed reality.

Let me know what you think in the comments as well as your theory on who will want to crash and who won't.

I think Charlie, Jack, Sawyer, Sun and Jin are among those who will want the plane to crash.

I think Boone, Locke, Hurley, and Kate are among those who do not want to crash.

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