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Sayid Dying Is Very Bad by TheFlu

After discussing the death and resurrection of Sayid - I think there is something we all need to consider, especially those of you who are way better are formulating theories.

The note from Jacob indicated that if Sayid dies it's a very bad thing. Well he does die. The water he was resurrected in was not clear like they expected, it was murkey. Well, Richard has never seen anyone come back from the dead and they only other person we've seen come back was actually inhabited by something else - smokey.

Basically, what if Sayid is no longer the Sayid we know? As indicated by Temple Dude, there are risks, and we know that taking Ben to the temple had some result that there is no coming back from.

Not saying he's smokey because there would be a body still unmoving, but someone please make some connections here.

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