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The Underwater Island by Lost_inMD

This theory speculates on the underwater island that we saw in the series 6 premiere. I don't think the answer as to why it sits there is overly complicated.

In season 5, we see Ben turn the frozen donkey wheel. The island lights up, and disappears right before the eyes of those on the helicopter. All we see is a large circular ripple in the ocean water. Perhaps it is at this point that the island was submerged (dropping underwater would probably cause that large droplet at the surface.) Those on the island at the time flashed and began skipping in time, to points when the island was not underwater.

Holes in this theory - when the losties came back to the island via Aijira airways then, to what island did they return? Sun, Ben, Illana and crew landed the island (hydra) while the losties flashed to the past. I think the only way my theory would hold is if both groups actually flashed....one went to the 70s, the other went to some other timeline or location an ALT timeline or location (which we are seeing now in season 6....which would explain some of the island differences...like the barracks in Christian-dwelling Dharmaville). This would mean that both timelines we are seeing in season 6 are ALTs of some kind.
Anyway, I think this theory makes sense. I can't see how detonating jughead would have caused the entire island to sink.

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