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War Between Timelines by rtsladek

First time theorist, long time Lost fan. I know some have touched on a connection between the MTL and ATL but as of now we don't know how they will interact.

First of all, my theory is based off of the assumption that when Desmond "flashed" back in time he was actually flashing over to the ATL. This is why the past was a little different than he remembered it. This is also why he suddenly remembered Faraday's instructions 5 years later.

If Desmond could flash sideways, then maybe the Losties can. Perhaps this is where Jacob comes into play. Faraday told Desmond that he needed a constant, something familiar in the past and the present (or different timelines). Penny is Desmond's Constant. What if Jacob's touch made those touched, Constants to each other. This might be Jacob's loophole.

Remember Desmond honestly thought that he was living in the past and that his memories of being on the island we just a dream. Maybe as this season progresses, we'll see those in the ATL have their memories jogged by Jacob or someone else.

This next part is even more speculation, so bear with me. It seems that more and more losties are being overcome by this sickness in the MTL. We don't really know if it's linked to Smokey or not. We know death is involved somehow.

And here's the huge jump, what if most of the characters in the MTL end up infected/controlled by Smokey. Then what if the MTL and ATL collide at one point. I have seen theories about the two timelines converging together at one point. This would be the ultimate battle for good and evil. The losties would be literally fighting themselves.

Other wild speculations :)
MIB's home might be the ATL
This was Jacob's plan all along

That's about it. I know it's thrown together hastily and that there are definite holes, but it's fun to speculate.

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