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The Loop-hole by Moses Tompkins

After watching "What Kate Does" I thought of a new theory for what the Loop-hole may be that got Jacob killed.

Now its easy to just say that the MiB just had to get anyone other than himself to kill Jacob, but don't you think he could have convinced someone a long time ago?

I believe that, much like the MiB, Jacob can claim people too. By claiming them they will always be loyal to you, at least they are supposed to be.

Remember back to "Whatever Happened, Happened." Young Ben Linus was brought to the Temple and healed by the water, which makes him an other, so Richard said. This in my opinion means Jacob claimed him.

The loop-hole was, only someone that you have claimed can kill you. This is why its been so hard for the MiB, because why would someone loyal to you kill you. Ben Linus was the perfect pawn for the MiB.

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