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Hey guys, I couldn't find anything about what I'm about to say but I'm sure some people must have already thought about that.
Anyway, I'm posting this idea here:

We already know from the series first episode and from the fifth season that the "super-narrative" of Lost is involved some kind of a long struggle or a game between two sides: one of "light" and one of "dark". We must not, though, (as the producers already warned us) jump into conclusion that "light"=good and "dark"=evil.

Although most of pop-culture references (Star Wars, LOTR) these days do make it clear that the dark side is the evil one, I assume that in the story of lost "dark" doesn't necessarily applies "evil". The dark side could be the side that is actions are kept in the dark (hidden) whereas the other side choses or capable to act in public. Esau (MIB) a.k.a the dark one, is restricted to the island whereas Jacob is unrestricted and can do his thing in the light - off-island-wise.

In the Bible, Jacob tricks his way into a special blessing that Esau (aka MIB) should have gotten. In our case - The bless is to be free. Esau which in the bible is a hunter, a modest one, who was played into losing the blessing. Therefore we should not decide that Esau is evil but he is unblessed, and unrightfully.

When two internal beings live one next to each other and one of the sides feel as if he got played and something was stolen from him by the other side, we could expect him to be resentful and bitter.

I will not continue to explain how farther this story explains the feelings of the two sides and their intentions (such as "to go home") as you all probably have read many theories about the subject and already understand my point.

Now we come to the two sides:

I don't think that all the main elements of lost are coherently adjusted together. The writers "borrowed" too many different themes and mythology ideas for the story to be fully and well explained.

Therefore, the characters stories and their redemption-arch are to be explained in a different theory. Also, I think the all "replacing MIB with Flocke" is a move created by the writers to explain things that they've had to do in order to keep Locke as a main character after they have shown him die.

But I can tell you which of the Losties which we have known for 5+ years now are going to be on whose side (Jacob or MIB).
How am I going to do that? Simple:

Look at the famous season 6 teaser picture "Lost last supper".


On the right side is the light team:
Jack, Jin, Ben! (I guess his returning to the Jacob side is his own redemption, after killing Jacob), Hurley, Sun, Miles & Frank.

On the left side is the dark team:
Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, Claire & surprisingly (!) Richard and Illana.
If I'm right, you should see the story that makes Richard a follower of MIB around mid-season or the end of the series - 'cause such a play by Richard is a very big turn of events and therefore should be the catalyst of the battle that ends the war.

Enjoy the last season of TV's best show ever!

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